Home is Where the Mom is

Today is Mother’s Day. The explosion of Hallmark Cards, brunches and flower arrangements. It’s also about home. For where else does one feel more at home than with their mom. 

That’s almost Hallmark worthy. Almost.

My mom passed away 3 years ago. She lived near the beach nearly as long as I can remember. “The old woman by the sea” she’d call herself. Married for years with my own beautiful daughters, each time I visited mom, as if no time had passed, I reverted back to my teen years, laying on her bed while she happily labored another crossword puzzle, we chatted about life, dozing off here and there, mom and daughter, sweet moments of time, the two of us, the simplicity of love. Mom would always feel like home, no matter where she was. Now gone, she lives within my heart, her new home.

With my own daughters, it’s taken on a life of its own. Too much to write and express at this time, only that where ever this mom is, they have a home; today, tomorrow, forever.

Happy Mother’s Day to moms across the land. May your kiddos always feel right at home.