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Do this BEFORE Browsing for Housing

What does a buyer need to do before purchasing a home? Simply save money and purchase a house.  The end.  If only that simple.  Here are the most important factors to ponder before you browse for the house: Become best friends with a lender….

Buyers, Remember to Breathe

To all first-time homebuyers, whatever you’re feeling after escrow closes, it’s ok.     Cheers, Carin Arrigo / TopBroker Network Real Estate /  714.290.2192

Humanity in Real Estate

Upon closing the last several listings, It never ceases to amaze, the human connection in real estate. Houses are houses are houses. They entail a living area, bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, a patio, a doorbell. All of which stand upright on a foundation from…

Senior Advocacy all the way, Baby

I am but one Realtor living in California. No fancy schmancy car, shiny website or major top producing agent, what I DO offer my clients are as such: care, compassion knowledge and an attentive ear. When I first began helping seniors, these characteristics seemed…

Dementia, Seniors and Selling a House: Where to Begin?

Begin where it matters: your parents needs.  Having dealt with the difficult decision of whether or not to move my dad-in-law from his home, aside from the question of when, eventually the decision was based on what was best for dad more than any…

Good Decisions and Moving On

It’s really happened. Mom’s house sold. Escrow was longer than usual, bumps in the road, though buyer and seller were meant to be. Buyer loves the house, seller loves that the buyer loves the house. And so saying goodbye behind, there is freedom ahead….

Buying a House: Just Like Getting Married, It’s All In The Prep

Here’s the skinny on buying a house in today’s market. It’s not neurosurgery though to purchase a home right now takes a lot of preparation. Kind of like a finding the right partner for a successful marriage. Stay with me. There are 3 stages…