Testimonials are an honor. For a client to take the time to share their experience, it’s simply priceless. Here, you’ll find several stories of various clients from all over the map; from first-time homebuyers to the challenging decisions working with seniors and their families. Each transaction differs. My core belief that taking care of clients I have today is more important than pursuing the clients I hope to have tomorrow.

Sara* had been through a lot. After her husband’s sudden death at age 37, Sara spiraled, unsure of what to do. She and her husband owned a condo in Long Beach. With two young children, Sara decided to sell the condo and move in…

Single Mom Sells Condo

Andra was ready to sell. Divorced years previous, she remarried and it was time to move forward! Beautifully designed, her lovely 4 bedroom 2.5 baths provided a warm home the moment a buyer walked in. And buyers loved it! It’s always a pleasure working…

Transitions: From Divorce to Single to Remarriage
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