About Carin

“My ideology lies in advocacy, based on being there for a client. The great agency deals with getting to core values of the consumer, asking questions, finding out what drives decisions, what matters to each person. Service is all about YOU; what’s best for you, your goals, wishes, wants and needs. I provide solutions to your challenges in a caring, knowledgeable approach. It is my pleasure and honor to serve and work with my clients.”

Hi, I’m Carin and a bona fide residential real estate agent serving two areas: Orange CA and Riverside CA. I make it a point to spend more one on one time with each client. Serving seniors are my passion! Seniors need advocacy, someone who looks after their best interests and only that. It’s an honor to be a part of their process, guiding them as needed. 

More Than Stats

Every day real estate statistics change. The active listings become pending, pending listing becomes sold.  Too long active, a listing might expire. Too short active, a seller might take back up offers. Short sales, foreclosures, FSBOs (For Sale By Owner), single-family residences, condos, days on market, CMAs (Comparative Market Analysis) zip codes, school districts, neighborhoods – all part of the real estate experience one way or another.

Real Estate Sign

Enter new, the more modern-day real estate lexicon for consumers and agents alike. Zillow, Zestimates, Trulia, Realtor.com.  iPads, mobile technology, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Docusign. Blogs on neighborhoods, cities, lifesyles. Pinterest, Google+, status updates, tweets. Checking in on Facebook, checking in on Foursquare. LinkedIn, links, blogs, blogging, bloggers, followers. Likes, dislikes, YouTube.


Consumers are beyond savvy. They get it, get real estate more than the average real estate agent or broker realizes. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. That’s why I decided to dip a bit further in the pool, ask questions of the modern-day approach to the real estate experience for both professionals and client. I also think one needs to understand the importance of a neighborhood, a home, individual definitions versus societal ones. Question why a decision to move from one community to another. The emotional ties of a home, the factual basis of stats and how all the above factors contribute to buying or selling a property.


What’s uncommon?  SERVICE

Ultimately, though not everyone needs it, many people need help, want help. I’m still a big believer in actual service. That’s the core of what I do, why I’m in this business. The intrinsic rewards are endless.

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to add any thoughts, comments, insights. This is a place to think, read, inspire and share. Welcome to an uncommon agent.


Carin Arrigo

CA BRE: #01464802

Direct: 714.290.2192


Want more scoop on my background? Feel free to look me up on LinkedIn

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